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Sachse Construction invites all Trade Partners to submit a Pre-Qualification Package to be considered as a partner on future projects! Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, Sachse Construction has built millions of square feet in new construction and renovation projects across North America, spanning the retail, commercial, multi-family, and institutional sectors. The Sachse team lives by four core values: do the right thing, pursue excellence by constantly raising the bar, have passion & enthusiasm, and do whatever it takes. Sachse Construction strives to work with Trade Partners who demonstrate and share these same values, as they play a vital role in the team’s ability to provide clients with the unique and exceptional customer service experience that Sachse guarantees.

All Trade Partners are required to complete a Pre-Qualification Package to ensure an objective selection process guided by predetermined criteria. Additionally, all Trade Partners are encouraged to update their information regularly so that Sachse Construction has current and accurate information.